aesthetic medicine

Look + Feel Great

As we all know, aging doesn’t just occur in our joints – it occurs everywhere.

We can, however, choose to slow down and even reverse the signs of aging using injections of neurotoxins (Botox) and dermal fillers. KYNETIC HEALTH is now offering a range of aesthetic procedures, performed by our qualified providers.


At KYNETIC HEALTH, we take aesthetic injections as seriously as every other procedure we offer – unlike other clinics, all Botox injections are administered by our trained and certified physician, Dr. Ann Lebeck. 

Initial visits cost $500 and include 30 units of Botox plus an in-depth consultation with our provider in which we will discuss your expectations, answer any questions you have, and together create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Subsequent visits are based on the areas being treated and the amount of Botox required.

It is important to us that our patients achieve a natural outcome and we are happy to work with you over a series of appointments to accomplish that.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, also know as soft tissue fillers, are injected into the skin in order to create a softer, smoother or fuller appearance to the skin and face.