Wouldn’t it be incredible if our bodies could heal themselves?

How PRP Changes Lives

Dolores is a U.S. Army veteran who was injured in her 20’s from a rappelling accident, rendering her with chronic knee pain. After having tried countless treatments to gain her functionality back, she was introduced to Dr. Lebeck. Through multiple ultrasound guided PRP treatments to her knee, Dolores was able to get back on the golf course, and chronic aching joints are no longer waking her up through the night.

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Arthur is currently serving in the U.S. Army and is nearing 20 years of service. To his surprise, he developed arthritis in his knees- almost leading to a medical retirement from the military before he anticipated. Arthur first met Dr. Lebeck on Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and has continued seeking her treatment at Kynetic Health. Through consistent PRP therapy, Arthur continues to actively serve in the Army and even competes as a powerlifter.

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