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“Twenty-one years in the army take its toll on a person’s body. I had a rappelling accident and I hit the ground pretty hard… My knee was never quite the same”

Dolores is a U.S. Army veteran who was injured in her 20’s, leaving her with decades of chronic knee pain. Facing the prospect of having a total knee replacement, Dolores looked for another option – and that is how she was introduced to Dr. Lebeck. Through multiple ultrasound guided PRP treatments to her knee, Dolores was able to get back on the golf course, and chronic aching joints are no longer waking her up through the night.

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“With that kind of injury they said that I could be medically retired… That I am medically unfit to perform my duties in the military. That was not my goal. I wanted to try and honor myself and do twenty years of full service.”

Arthur is currently serving in the U.S. Army and is nearing 20 years of service. While only in his 30’s, Arthur began to notice significant knee instability and was eventually diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. As a result of his limited functionality, he faced the very real possibility of being medically retired.

After receiving regular PRP injections, Arthur not only continues his active service in the military, but he also competes as a power lifter.

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