regenerative medicine

Innovative Medicine

Just because something is, doesn’t mean it should always be so…

At KYNETIC HEALTH, we believe that innovative medicine and state of the art procedures are the key to returning our patients to a healthy, active lifestyle – without surgical intervention or narcotics.

Everyday we understand the human body better than we did the day before and we believe it is our responsibility to use that knowledge to offer our patients the best treatment options available – including PRP treatments.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is the process in which your body’s natural healing abilities are used to heal injuries and reverse signs of aging throughout the body. The process involves removing platelets from a patients blood and injecting them into an injury site, signaling to the body that help is needed to repair the tissue. This sets off a chain of events within the injection site, most importantly the arrival of cells intent on repairing the damaged tissue.

PRP is used to treat a wide range of ailments including, but not limited to: osteoarthritis / osteoarthrosis (arthritis due to aging), tendinopathies / tendinosis (the breakdown of collagen in a tendon), damage to ligaments and tendons, as well as knee and shoulder pain.