Sports Medicine


We specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. Our job is to identify the source of your pain, and treat it accordingly – sometimes the site of your pain is just a symptom, the source is elsewhere. Using state of the art ultrasound technologies, we can quickly and accurately diagnose our patients and work to create a comprehensive treatment plan, including innovative procedures such as PRP.

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Get Moving Again

Anyone who suffers from conditions that affect function and mobility, can benefit from visiting a Sports Medicine specialist – not just athletes. Many of our patients develop muscle weakness as a result of an imbalance that occurs when they begin to compensate for pain or an injury – they develop an imbalance when they walk or run for instance, to avoid knee pain, creating issues in other parts of the body.

At KYNETIC HEALTH, we evaluate the entire body as a complex system, not isolated parts. We can help you see the full scope of your pain or injury and work with you to find the best solution – getting you back to running, hiking, biking and walking in no time.

Trigger Point Injections

Most Americans suffer from some kind of back, neck or shoulder pain – often times this is caused by Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). MPS occurs when there is a tightening of muscle fibers, often referred to as “knots”.

These tight fibers prevent the surrounding muscles from functioning properly and often result in stiffness and a burning sensation in muscle; they can even contribute to migraines. Trigger point injections release these tight muscle fibers and allow the muscle to resume proper function, relieving pain almost immediately.

Brace Shop

Some injuries and conditions require the use of orthopedic bracing or support to assist in effective recovery. For those patients that we recommend bracing, we offer a full range of high quality medical equipment and an expert fitting service, with custom braces available. We also offer compression socks, sleeves and kinesiology tape – available for purchase at our office.

Including a range of OS1st Athletic Compression and Recovery socks and sleeves – coming soon to our online shop.