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“Twenty-one years in the army take its toll on a person’s body. I had a rappelling accident and I hit the ground pretty hard… My knee was never quite the same”

Dolores is a U.S. Army veteran who was injured in her 20’s, leaving her with decades of chronic knee pain. Facing the prospect of having a total knee replacement, Dolores looked for another option – and that is how she was introduced to Dr. Lebeck. Through multiple ultrasound guided PRP treatments to her knee, Dolores was able to get back on the golf course, and chronic aching joints are no longer waking her up through the night.

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“With that kind of injury they said that I could be medically retired… That I am medically unfit to perform my duties in the military. That was not my goal. I wanted to try and honor myself and do twenty years of full service.”

Arthur is currently serving in the U.S. Army and is nearing 20 years of service. While only in his 30’s, Arthur began to notice significant knee instability and was eventually diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. As a result of his limited functionality, he faced the very real possibility of being medically retired.

After receiving regular PRP injections, Arthur not only continues his active service in the military, but he also competes as a power lifter.

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“Being healed from my injury has allowed me to be that mom that my kids need. This is very much a family thing for us. To think that maybe I wouldn’t be able to be what I was before was a little worrisome and sad.”

Maria is an active mother of five, a competitive practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and is currently in the process of building their family home. After sustaining a injury during practice, Maria received treatment from Kynetic Health and was able to stay active in the sport she loves and be the mom her kids want and need.

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I was a bit skeptical about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, but some very credible associates referred me to Dr. Ann Lebeck, MD. Seeing their rapid recovery convinced me to make an appointment and after dislocating my shoulder during a training academy in 2007 and re-injuring it in a submission grappling tournament in February 2020, pain relief could not come fast enough.

My initial appointment with Dr. Lebeck had me astounded. Her level of concern and determination in seeing out my personal recovery was next to none. She listened intently and after an extremely thorough exam, she explained the anatomy and physiology of how my own injuries were affecting me and told me how to go about recovery. After a one hour treatment, I was on my way home. The first day of recovery was misery, but from horror stories of year long post op shoulder recoveries, I wasn’t in dismay. By day two the pain had almost disappeared and within days my shoulder which was constantly falling out of socket and jolting out random doses of pain had begun tightening up. Over the following few weeks, the symptoms would lesson until I almost couldn’t differentiate between my severely injured shoulder and my good one.

I still have some of the same sensations of my shoulder falling out of socket or a slapping rubber band feeling, but it’s so mild and without pain that it just reminds me of how much progress I have made under the care of Dr. Lebeck. Three months ago I didn’t see any prospects of ever returning to the mats, but having trained 4 sessions of Juijitsu last week to include heavy sparing has me convinced PRP is a real and effective science and not just voodoo.

Thank you Ann, you’ve made a world of difference.

C. Konastyn

Dr. Lebeck and her excellent staff helped my wife recover from severe pain in both knees. Prior to receiving treatment at Kynetic Health, my spouse could not walk without a walker. NSAIDs and other treatments barely reduced the pain. Consequently, my spouse lost her freedom of movement. We sought out Dr. Lebeck because she had helped my spouse in the past.

She takes a holistic approach to patient care; Dr. Lebeck looks at the whole person as opposed to focusing on one body part. For example, she accurately diagnosed several issues that combined to cause my wife’s pain. Dr. Lebeck used this information to connect us with other experts. As a result, my spouse can walk under her own power. Life is good again:-). I would highly recommend Kynetic Health to anyone suffering from excruciating joint pain.

K. Keyes

Dr. Lebeck is truly dedicated to the care if her patients and is straight forward about real world expectations. Her candor, dedication and repeated diligence has been the best medical experience of my lifetime because it is care you can trust.

K. Elshaug

Dr Lebeck’s services are amazing! I used to have joint pain before, but now I’m back to running, dancing and actually enjoying physical activity again! Very professional and the entire team cares deeply for each patient!!

A. Cross

I am so happy and so appreciative of the opportunity I was provided to work side by side with Ann Lebeck . I have learned so much and it has opened opportunities in my career growth as a nurse. I am continuously amazed by the great work and success measures that Dr. Lebeck has done and continues to do and develop for her patients and the community as a whole. Keep up the great work!!!!

I’m just sorry that I had to move out of state due to military life…

A. Pride

Great doctor with a great staff. Very comfortable and professional environment.

C. Shy